Thirukkural in English


On The Lord (Adoration)


1. The alphabet “lives” on the basis of the first letter A; likewise, all the world –  movable and immovable --- is sustained by the faith in God. 


 2. The Lord is of the form of pure wisdom; without adoring His Lotus feet, what is the good of learning many a lore?  Such study will be fruitless indeed.


3. The most High is seated in the lotus of the heart of devotees and rules the world; those who adore His Lotus feet will get everlasting wealth.

4. the Lord is free from “Likes” and “dislikes”; He is the friend of all; He is compassionate; sorrow will surely never approach those who take refuge in His feet.


5. The Lord’s glory is unfathomable; if this is cognised and He is adored, good and evil – the two consequences of “delusion” – will vanish.

6. The person who subdues the five senses, keeping them away from the external world and ever walks the path ordained by the Lord will be blissful ever.


7. The Lord is without a peer (non—paraller); He never decays; he who takes refuge in Him will get beyond all sorrow and enjoy lasting happiness here.

8. The Lord is beheld as an ocean of virtue and compassion personified; without holding o to the boat of His feet, it is scarcely possible to reach the other shore of the sea of sorrow.


9. The Lord has eight glorious attributes; the head of a person who bows not to His feet is useless, like the eye without sight.

10. Only those persons who hold on to the boat of the Lord’s feet as sure aid will easily cross the sea of births and re-births; it will be impossible for others to do so.