The Important Five R

The Important Five R’s: Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect, Recapitulate, and Review 


Studying for an upcoming exam is never an easy task.  It requires dedication, patience, and a great deal of discipline.  If ever you’re looking for some tips on how to study systematically and effectively, all you have to do is to learn the six R’s in studying. 




First off, you need to get yourself a copy of what you’ll be studying.  This is preferably done by taking notes when you are in class, or manually copying sources of information on a sheet of paper as it helps you get to know the topic earlier.  This will help you know the things in advance even before you start the real deal in studying. 



After you’ve gotten your hands on a copy of what you’ll be studying, the next step you have to do is to read the material, and summarize it.  All you have to do is to get the ‘meaty’ portions of the material and list them down on another sheet of paper and eliminate those that are irrelevant such as introduction sentences and the like.  This will help you out on your next steps in your study and it’ll be a lot quicker and more effective. 



Aside from reading the summary over and over, it helps to recite key points in the material.  Aside from your eyes, your mouth and ears will then start to actively participate in your study, thus giving you a better chance of storing the information deep in your memory.  Remember that the more senses involved while studying helps you remember important things.  You can even choose to write things down, and repeat the process over and over to make sure you don’t forget the important parts. 




Right after you’re done with the memorizing of the key points, you now have to reflect on those points to make sure that you not only memorized them, but understood every single point.  Think about the items you’ve gone through.  Ponder about them, and you’ll learn effectively. 



Now that you’ve understood what the material is all about, it’s time to have a little recap.  Recall every point that you’ve gone through to check whether you’ve mastered the topic or not.  This is a good way to evaluate the effectiveness of your session.  If by any chance you are still not satisfied with the result, you can start over until you get it perfectly. 




The last thing for you to do is to make sure that no important items or points are left out.  You can go ahead and review your summary or better, review the whole original material in order to ensure that you’ve gotten every important detail it has to offer.